From Theory and Research to Practice: The Experience of Participating in the International Educational Program on Islamic Psychology in Indonesia

Keywords: Islamic psychology; psychological counseling of Muslims; Indonesian Islamic University; Association of psychological assistance to Muslims; forgiveness therapy; depression


The article analyzes the content of the International Intensive educational program on Islamic psychology at Universitas Islam Indonesia, in Yogyakarta, where, for the first time, five experts from Russia took part in 2019. This training of Russian psychologists in Indonesia became possible on the ground of an agreement between the Association of Psychological Assistance to Muslims (Russia) and Indonesian Islamic University. The article
is presented as an analysis of the lectures and discusses the content of the courses. It also highlights the specifics of psychological counseling in overcoming depression in the context of Islam. Based on the analysis of the content of the International Intensive Course on “Islamic Psychology: From Theory and Research to Practice” in Indonesia, the paper reveals the prospects for the further development of psychological counseling of Muslims in Russia.