Differences on Elementary Student Character: Does Religious Based Curriculum Matter?

  • Intaglia Harsanti Gunadarma University
  • Muhammad Sahrizal Baiturrahman Islamic School
Keywords: academic procrastination, emotional intelligence, empathy


This study aims to analyze differences in the superior character between students of Islamic schools and of public schools. Those characters are emotional intelligence, empathy and discipline at school. In this study we measured procrastination as one indicator of lack in discipline. This study uses quantitative research methods. Participants of this research are students of integrated Islamic schools and public schools. The number of respondents used in this study is 205 elementary students, obtained by using purposive sampling technique. Data collections techniques used empathy scale (Caruso & Mayer,1998), the scale of academic procrastination (McCloskey, 2012) and emotional intelligence scale (Schutte, et.al., 1998). The results show that there are significant differences between integrated Islamic schools and public school’s students in all characteristics. Islamic based school’s students have higher point of empathy and emotional intelligence than public school students, and Islamic based school students has a lower point than public school students on procrastinations.