Guidelines for Reviewer

What is the responsibility of a peer reviewer?

Peer reviewers are responsible for assessing the quality of manuscripts that will be accepted into the journal. Their main task is to critically evaluate manuscripts based on their specialty as well as provide constructive feedback to the authors. Additionally, peer reviewers are also expected to assess the relevance, originality, strength, and weaknesses of the manuscript.

What are the procedures that need to be taken?

  1. Reviewers will receive an email requesting to review a given manuscript. A link will be embedded in this email, allowing you to access information: Deadline and Abstract.
  2. Before accepting to review a manuscript, reviewers should ensure that:
    • The manuscript is within their area of expertise.
    • There is no conflicting interest (e.g., being an author of the manuscript, funds the research, etc). They can commit to providing a critical review of the manuscript within the given time.
  3. Reviewers must then notify the submission editor as to whether he/she will undertake the review. Click “Will do the review” if you agree to review the manuscript in the given time or “Unable to do review” to refer the manuscript to another reviewer.
  4. Once you agree to do the review, consult the reviewer guideline below.
  5. Click file names to download and review the full manuscript and declare whether you have any competing interest with regard to the research
  6. Reviewers assess the manuscript and complete the review form within the given time.
  7. Reviewers must select a recommendation for the manuscript (Accepted/ Accepted with Revision/ Rejected) and submit the review to complete the review process.